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Fall 2019

Updated: May 12, 2020

Dear Little Flock Friends,

During this season of Thanksgiving my heart is filled with gratitude for you and for the blessing you have been to Little Flock, our children, and the village community. During my last visit to Little Flock I was able to talk to three of our boys who have secured college admission - Karthikeyan, Murali and Madan. It seems like just a few years back they were little kids needing nurture, care and support. They have grown up very quickly into strong, independent young adults navigating the challenges of college life. Please pray that they would do well in their studies and also walk closely with the Lord.

Meet our new children at Little Flock

Immanuel | Lokesh | Priyanka | Rahammed

Immanuel is six years old. His cousin is Rahammed. His mom and Rahammed’s mom are sisters. When Immanuel’s father left his family, his mother became a Christian. She struggles to support herself and Immanuel, so she brought him to Little Flock.

Lokesh is in 4th standard at school. He is happy to be with his older sister Sandhiya. He is a feisty little guy. The older boys at Little Flock have been kind to him. They help teach him the importance of sharing and becoming part of their family. He has adjusted to his new home. The best way to get him out of his shell is to play sports or sit down and share a coconut. Who doesn’t love a good snack!

Priyanka is in 3rd standard in school. The government placed her at Little Flock when she was found at home, abandoned by her parents. Priyanka is the sprightliest creature and always bursts into a room with a story to tell. For someone so tiny, she has the biggest personality. The older girls at Little Flock have been so kind to her. They already treat her as a little sister. She loves to play games and her favorite color is orange.

Rahammed is seven years old and glad to be with his cousin Immanuel at Little Flock. When his father died, it was difficult for his mother to support him so he came to live at Little Flock. Pray that each one of them will experience the healing, nurturing love of our Lord at Little Flock.

Little Flock School

We had stiff competition with nearby schools giving incentives to children that Little Flock could not match. We hoped that the quality of education, personal care and attention from teachers would make a difference and it has. We have 165 children in our elementary school. We are waiting for permission from the department of education to add middle school, which leaves our fifth graders with no option, but to go to others schools when they graduate. Please pray for favor with the Government officials for the addition of a middle school.

We are in need of teachers of English and Math for the school and our children at Little Flock. We would love to have long-term workers but welcome, any amount of time you are able to spend in our school and the children's home to help them with these subjects.


Madesh and Satish are well employed. They continue to live at Little Flock, taking care of the younger boys. They serve as good role models for our children and help our staff with various needs.

Sad goodbyes

One of our beloved staff member's Jeeva went home to be with the Lord. She was a house parent for many years and more recently a teacher at our school. She loved the children and had the patience of Job. She was the most compassionate person to serve at Little Flock. All of us miss her dearly.

Lolly Nickerson was a woman of strong faith and loving heart who travelled from California with her husband Nick to be with our children at Little Flock. She was a favorite grandma. Jeeva and Lolly left their fingerprints of love in the lives of our children. The children cherish the memories of their times with them.

This fall Mary Elisabeth, a Westmont graduate who has been working with the Village women, invited the women for a worship service. It did not look like they would come because of pouring rain but slowly they all showed up with their families and enjoyed the service which included the testimonies of transformed lives of our children. These women have seen answers to prayer in their home life and marriages. Pray that they will experience the genuine love and freedom of the Lord as seekers.

Little Flock Banquet

This year several children shared and participated in the banquet. Three brothers raised $2000 by selling the jewelry made by the Village women. Avya Podatoori the oldest of the three brothers gave a captivating dance performance. Rubin Raju, a teenager from Simi Valley shared highlights of his time teaching at the Little Flock School. We saw wonderful DVD's by teams and heard encouraging reports. The evening concluded with a special keynote address by Rene Schleapfer, lead pastor of Twin Lakes Church, who spoke about generosity. We found ourselves in laughter and tears as he shared stories of generosity and led us to consider the indescribable generosity of the Lord Jesus who laid his life down for us so we could live a full life. It will remain as one of the most memorable banquets in our fifteen years.

Winter Team

14 of us will be going to little flock at various times over the Christmas break. We will be celebrating Christmas again on New Year's Eve and doing a number of projects. Chapel, daily VBS, prayer times, Scripture Study, women’s jewelry project, baking with children are just some of the things the team will focus on. The Indian government has been hostile towards Christian ministries or visitors in recent years. Pray for a smooth entry process for everyone.

Thank you for your prayers, genuine care, and consistent commitment which have made a significant difference in the lives of our children, staff, and the village community.

I join the Board in wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving and a Joyful Advent season.

Gratefully, Viji

*Little Flock is now enrolled with Amazon Smile—click here

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