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Fall 2021

Dear Little Flock Family, November 2021

As we approach Thanksgiving and reflect back on all that the Lord has done for us at Little Flock we are deeply grateful for each one of you, for your commitment and care for our children, staff and the village community.

New additions to Little Flock The Child Welfare Committee oversees the needs of children in crises and places them in safe and protective homes. They have sent us several children this year. Since summer we have received four additional children. All of them have adjusted to life at Little Flock and are happy to be here. Keerthana pictured below was being forced into child marriage by her parents. She tried to plead with them to no avail. Finally her uncle alerted the police and she was removed from her family and sent to Little Flock. She is very happy to be in a safe, protective, and nurturing place.

Derek Jonathan (11) | Darelin Angel (5) | K. Harish (10) | P. Keerthana (13)

Staff update Two of our staff members got married at the end of August. Arun, our assistant manager, houseparent, and staff member of the Little Flock School married Jennifer in Kerala. She is a credentialed teacher who has joined our teaching staff at the school and a welcome addition to our Little Flock Community. Valarmathy, a member of our teaching staff at the school married John Prasanna, the brother of Gracelin (Little Flock Manager) in Chennai. Children and staff were able to attend her wedding.

Arun and Jennifer | Little Flock Children at the wedding | Valarmathy and John

The TamilNadu government authorized the reopening of schools for all grades from November 1. The children are glad to be back in school. Most of the village families lack computers and received their children’s assignments through their cell phones. Consequently, the children’s learning has been impacted. The government mandated all private schools to not charge any tuition or fees for virtual teaching. The government schools provide free education to students and pay salaries of the teachers. Many private schools have lost revenue and found it difficult to pay the salaries of the teachers. Little Flock has had to fund the operations of the school on campus. We are very grateful for the Lord’s provision to retain all teachers and workers at the school. Please pray that parents will consider it safe to send their children back to school. While many have returned, some are still staying away, out of fear.

Our orchards and gardens have been producing many different kinds of vegetables and fruits during these past few months and children have all been working and enjoying the fruit of their labor.

Papayas | Eggplant and bell peppers | Bananas

College students update

Deepak, Ammu, and Prasanth are in College with Prasanth excelling in his studies. Pavithra who wanted to train in cosmetology discovered that she is better suited for the Nursing program. She has turned in impressive grades scoring on top of her class. It is very gratifying to envision a bright future for each one of them and an encouragement to see growth in all aspects of their lives.

Independence day celebrations with the local community at Little Flock

Our deep appreciation for your continued love, prayers, and engagement in the ministry of Little Flock.

The Little Flock family wishes you a Blessed Thanksgiving!



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