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Spring 2023

Dear Little Flock Friends,

The winter team to Little Flock had a wonderful time with the children, staff, and the village community. It was so good to be back after nearly three years and be warmly welcomed by children and staff. Team members worked on several projects. Scott Weiss and Scott Cammauf painted two of the children’s cottages. The girls and staff loved their newly painted cottages and many new fittings. On the final day at chapel, a staff member talked about Jesus washing the feet of his disciples out of love for them and described the team’s service as washing of the feet of the Little Flock Community.

Scott Weiss oversaw the painting | Blessy checking out her new digs

The team dug ditches to augment the water logging in low-lying areas. The chicken coup got several new nesting boxes to accommodate the growing poultry population. Children got their nails painted by the team members, and some team members got henna designs on their hands by our talented Pavithra.

Carl Bruns made cakes, pizzas, and cookies assisted by Manoj, who is eager to go to culinary school to become a chef. Carl ploughed the field on a tractor, the village bulls did their part, and the children harvested watermelons from the land two months later.

A highlight of our time was the visit of college students and employed young adults to Little Flock. Scott and I met with each one of them to see how they were doing personally, spiritually, and academically. All are doing well in college, two have completed their master’s degrees, with one planning on applying for a doctoral program. Those who are employed are supporting their families. Most are connected to local churches and growing spiritually. The evening featured dance performances by our children.

College/young adults | Dance performance | Hockey game in dining hall

SRM University College of Dentistry and Little Flock signed a Memorandum of Understanding for their work at Little Flock dental clinic. The newly elected village leader visited and presented us with shawls. He informed us about a Christian mission with 80 orphan children, 300 elementary and middle school students (mostly tribal children) and a church, about an hour from Little Flock. The management trustee, wants to hand it over to another trust, to live with her children in Chennai. The village leader asked if we would be willing to take over the trust and mission. Pray for discernment for the Indian and US Board for this opportunity.

SRM Dean and Head of Dentistry | Village leader (third from left) | Kindergarten graduation

We participated in the kindergarten graduation on our campus. Ayumi Hardy did a health education session for the village women. Charles Hardy taught soapmaking. Charles, Ayumi and Scott Weiss led worship, Scott Cammauf did the devotionals, and staff shared their testimonies during daily chapel.

Ayumi’s class with village women | Soap making | Scott leading devotional at chapel

We had a memorable and blessed time with the children, staff, and the village community. May you know and experience the promise of eternal life that Christ provided by his life, death and resurrection, this Easter.

With appreciation,


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