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Summer 2018

Dear friends of Little Flock,

It’s still summer and the rainy season in India. Children went back to school the first week of June. The people in Kerala are suffering through the floods and many lives have been lost. People in other unaffected states are organizing rescue efforts. Little Flock was able to donate medical supplies from our clinic.

There is a lot happening at Little Flock Home. The school on campus has 187 students. We have added a smart classroom, a science and computer labs. Additional teachers have joined us.

We have had several visitors at Little Flock. They have been a great help to our school teachers, our children in the orphanage, and painting the children's cottages.

VBS for the children | Daily Chapel | Prayer time

This summer Steven a student of medicine and Manu a pediatrician from Argentina were able to use the medical clinics to serve the children and village families. SRM University partnered with Little Flock to work in our dental clinic. Students and medical faculty served alongside our team members. We now have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University to ensure weekly operation of the clinics at Little Flock. This is a fulfillment of our vision for the village outreach.

Five of our children have graduated from High School and three of them are in college. The other two are considering vocational training schools. We have two new children and a new project officer, Mr.Thomas who has joined the Little Flock community.

Clinic visitors | Dr. Manu giving a health talk to the children at school

Steven Abadi and the medical team

Our garden is flourishing with vegetables and fruit and the cooks make delicious meals for our children.

Women from the village come weekdays to make jewelry, leather purses, pajamas and paper. These projects sustain their families.

This month Rajeshwari will be graduating with a BS degree in Nursing from SRM University. This is a dream come true for her. Her mother, Parimala brought Rajeshwari and her brother Tamilselvan to Little Flock after she lost her husband to aids and she was diagnosed as HIV positive. Her in- laws with whom they all lived, blamed her for their son's death and chased them out of the house. She begged them for her children's care, but they did not want them in their lives.

With failing health and lack of resources Parimala brought her children to Little Flock. Her son completed 10th grade and Rajeshwari, who had wanted to help people like her mother is now graduating from the College of Nursing. We are all so proud of her!

You are an answer to prayer in touching the lives of children like Rajeshwari and others. We are grateful for your continued commitment to the mission of Little Flock, our children, and the village community.

Please join us for our fifteenth annual banquet on Saturday September 22, 2018 in Oakland. It will be an enjoyable and memorable evening. It is our way of showing our appreciation for your partnership with Little Flock.



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