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Summer 2022

Dear Little Flock Friends,

The month of May is the start of summer holidays for school children in India. Many of our children who were unable to visit family or relatives these past two years were finally able to travel and spend time with their families. Some of the older children in High School had to stay back to due to extra preparatory classes. This May four of the children passed their 11th grade exams and Pavithra graduated from High School. She will now be going for vocational training school in Chennai to train as a lab technician.

Winter brought heavy rainfall and flooding to many parts of the village and Little Flock. Many of our trees got uprooted and we lost a lot of our seasonal vegetables and fruits. Summer months help dry out the land and they are once again cultivating a number of vegetables for use both at Little Flock and for sale in the Village.

First day of school for kindergarten children | PE class for older children

Little Flock School campus opened up again with staff and children enjoying being back together. We also learned that the government will be providing tuition and fees for 7 children at Little Flock. This project is called Right to Education and provides grants for children from economically poor families.

Building Update

We have been finally granted permission to start the process of planning to build our middle school and high school classrooms. We have been losing middle schoolers due to lack of permission and space.

Raguls’ science project at Little Flock School | SRM University dental students teaching dental care to students

Temporary residents at Little Flock for safety and healing: Ragava who was placed at Little Flock had burn marks on his hands and body. There was no safety or protection for him in his own home. He was relieved to be with the children at Little Flock but after some time one of his parents came and took him back. We pray that the days he spent at Little Flock; the healing he felt as he learned about Jesus’ love for him; the genuine care from the staff and children he experienced, will stay with him. Vetrivel ran away from an oppressive situation at home and was in police custody and sent to Little Flock for one month, but finally allowed to stay at Little Flock long term.

Ragava | Vetrivel | Gomathi | Karthick

Monisha | Kanishka | Vediyammal

New additions to Little Flock Home

A family of four, Gomathi, Karthick, Monisha and Kanishka who lost both parents were brought by grandparents to Little Flock. Another child, Vediyammal was left with her grandfather after her parents separated. The new children have been warmly welcomed by our children and staff.

Little Flock alumni

Satish who grew up at Little Flock and graduated from college and now employed has been giving back to Little Flock. Several times a year, he and his colleagues enquire about the needs of the children and provide what is needed - from groceries to bedding they have been generous and thoughtful. They are good role models for the children growing up at Little Flock. This May, two children completed post graduate studies, two their undergraduate studies, two entered graduate school and five others are doing undergraduate studies.

A Child Welfare Officer official provided instructions on government regulations and rules for staff.

Little Flock Annual Banquet will be held on Saturday October 22 at 5pm at First Covenant Church in Oakland.

Little Flock Winter Team: Please let us know if you are interested in joining a post-Christmas team.

“Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me”. Matthew 18:5

Our children, staff and the Board join me in thanking you for your prayers, genuine care, and consistent commitment to Little Flock mission and ministry.



*Little Flock is now enrolled with Amazon Smile—click here

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