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Fall 2023

Dear Little Flock Friends,

The first day of school was greatly anticipated after delayed opening due to rain. The school on campus welcomed back children with treats and photo ops. There was a lot of excitement among the children.

Westmont College students at Little Flock This summer Dr. Charles Arcadian and I taught two courses for the Westmont May term off campus program in India. We traveled to four states and a village in five weeks. We started in Kolkata, where students served at Mother Teresa Homes followed by Varanasi, the Hindu holy city, Hyderabad’s high-tech center and finally Chennai and Little Flock in the village. This May term always combines a service component with the educational program.

Students led worship during daily chapel and shared their testimonies. They also tutored, prayed, and played with the children. The children enjoyed their time with them. They took in several lectures, had study times and made visits to the village to learn language from the community. At the end of their time there, each one was able to speak and entire sentence in Tamil! Language learning helped them get to know the villagers, learn about their personal lives, spiritual beliefs, and practices.

Sports and cultural day at Little Flock School

Musical chairs Three finalists Tug of war

Special event at Little Flock School

The staff organized a special sports and cultural day during the students stay. There were dance performances by students and teacher, karate and Kung Fu. Several stalls served tasty food. Each grade had its own competition and the day ended with parents and village community participating in a tug of war {women vs men—where the women won} and musical chairs for women where teachers, parents and Westmont students participated. It was a fun day.

Event organizers Scott and Viji were chief guests Prize winners


The compound wall around the guest housing was completed in time for our stay at Little Flock. This was done to satisfy the requirements of the government. We are still waiting for approvals for the construction of the Middle and High School. Construction of the small multi-specialty medical is in progress. We covet your continued prayers for favor with the government for the school approvals.

Guest house compound wall Medical building in progress

Highlights, additions and changes at Little Flock

During our time at Little Flock, Dr. Daniel Jeyaraj, a renowned Professor of World Christianity, lectured on missions and church history in India. He was pleasantly surprised to run into Mr. Davis who is the superintendent of Little Flock. Daniel and his siblings had grown up in children’s home where Davis was the warden. They had not met since 1992!

New children at Little Flock Home Recognition and farewell of Davis and Monomania

Davis, due to his wife’s failing health and the needs of his son’s family has decided to retire and live with his family in Madurai. The children and staff were sad to see them depart.

The Lord has brought a new staff member, Vasantha Kumari, to take over his duties. She has worked in a children’s home for several years and made the transition seamless. We are grateful for the Lord’s provisions this summer five children joined us at Little Flock. They have adapted well and happy to be here.

Little Flock Banquet. Please join us for a wonderful evening of testimonies, videos, cultural program, bazaar and a delicious Indian dinner, on Saturday, September 30, 5–8pm at First Covenant Church in Oakland.

This year we will host the nineteenth annual banquet of Little Flock! It is amazing to look back at our humble beginnings and the Lord’s faithfulness over all these many years.

We remember with gratitude all those who stood with us as we explored the calling, partnered with us in so many ways- going, praying, giving and continue in this mission.

You are a blessing to all of our children, the staff and the village community,



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