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Summer 2023

Dear Little Flock Friends,

Science Fair and food court Little Flock School hosted a science exhibition and food carnival which brought the families of the school children and village community together for an educational and community day. SRM University sent a medical team to do checkups, local village ladies prepared and sold homemade treats and the children’s science projects were viewed by local officials, judged and medals awarded.

Summer Break May is the hottest month, but due to continued high temperatures, classes will resume mid-June. Children will have more time with families and friends.

High School graduates All four of our High Schoolers passed their government standardized exams and secured admission in college and or a workplace. Giri will study Commerce, Nisha, Arts and Manoj, Catering management. Gautham opted for a paid job training program. We are very proud of their accomplishments and covet your prayers for success in their academic endeavors and career.

Gautham Manoj Giri Nisha

Little Flock Harvest

This summer we harvested sesame seeds which was sold in the local market and to the village community. Tender coconuts and mangoes were in abundance.

Little Flock School

We are waiting on the Government and the Department of Education for additional classes and building permits. These negotiations and applications are cumbersome and tedious. Until we receive permission to build, we have to modify some of our facilities to meet the needs of the school children. Pray for favor with the officials overseeing this process.

Church Retreat

In May 100 pastors from various churches gathered for a five-day retreat for Ministers Empowerment Conference – a world revival meet at Little Flock. Teachings, intercessions and prayer at all times of the day and night made for a blessed time for all. The Retreat group brought their own cooks, and gave our kitchen staff a nice break.

Campus renovations

A large campus like Little Flock needs routine maintenance and repairs. Painting, re-wiring and electrical work, was done during the summer break. Currently construction is going on to separate the guest housing from the rest of the campus, to fulfill a new government requirement for orphanages with visitors.

Retirements at Little Flock

Three of our long-term workers – Jambulingam, Balaraman and Mrs.Ethiraj retired and were honored and presented with gifts at a luncheon with staff and workers, at Shyam and Kala’s home.

Azaghi Jewelry Project

Karen Bruns introduced several new designs. The ladies are making two new pieces of jewelry- a pendant/pin for the Alumnae of Mills College and bracelets for Miramonte High School. Azhagi has expanded employment to additional village women with these new projects which enables them to support more families.

Invitation to an Indian classical dance concert

Avya Podattori, a Little Flock champion of the Jewelry project, has performed at our annual banquets for several years. Avya’s family invites you to the Bharatanatyam Arangetram, Indian classical dance debut, on July 29th at 3:30pm at the Lescher center for the Arts in Walnut Creek. An Indian meal will be served following the performance. The event and the meal are free. If you are in the area, you would not want to miss it! Register using this link to rsvp or call (510) 229-7117. Visit for details!

Little Flock Annual Banquet will be held on Saturday September 30 at 5 pm at First Covenant Church in Oakland.

Westmont College in India

Next month I will be co teaching Westmont students with Dr. Charles Farhadian. The students will travel to Kolkata to serve at Mother Teresa’s homes, visit Varanasi, Hyderabad, Chennai, serve at Little Flock and learn Tamil language from the village community. Scott and I are looking forward to our time at Little Flock with the children, staff, and community this summer.

Thank you for your continued engagement, sacrificial gifts, and committed prayers. May your summer be blessed with moments of rest, leisure, and time with family and friends.



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