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Summer 2021

Dear Little Flock Friends,

Thank you for your calls and emails to inquire about our Little Flock Community and for your prayers for their safety and protection. India has been ravaged by COVID and Little Flock has suffered a devastating loss. See enclosed announcement.

By the grace of God and your prayers, everyone else at Little Flock and in our village are well and safe.

School Update

Schools for High School students opened temporarily but closed when the pandemic began to get out of control. Our school on campus has remained closed since last year. Teachers provide instruction on their phones in the village. For a period of time before a complete lockdown the teachers were able to tutor our children at Little Flock.

Little Flock children being tutored by the teachers

Village workers and teachers update

During these challenging days while many have lost their jobs and incomes, we have been blessed to keep all our workers from the village and teachers employed. Our vegetable garden and orchards yielded an abundance of vegetables and fruit to meet the needs of the Little Flock family and enabled us to sell them at a subsidized cost to the village community.

Banana plants | Daikon, green beans, eggplant, cucumber, broad beans

Harvesting peanuts

Little Flock Children update

Prasanth and Saran Raj graduated from High School and were able to enroll in Colleges. Three new children were welcomed into Little Flock.

Darani | Manju | Harish

Daily life at Little Flock

Chapel services are held morning and evening. Time is set aside for study of the word, prayers, and devotions. Older children are encouraged and given opportunities to use their spiritual gifts.

Creativity of the children

Nisha leading prayer time at chapel with Mr Prakash- Little Flock Trustee and Arun– Staff/Houseparent

Chapel time

This time of lockdown has drawn our children and staff closer together. They enjoy working in the orchards, keeping up the campus, and being good stewards of the home that God has provided for them.

We are very grateful for your prayers for our Little Flock Community during these challenging times. Little Flock has been blessed by your consistent, committed support and genuine care.

May you be kept well and safe under the shelter and shadow of the Almighty Lord our God. (Psalm 91)



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